Australian Bucket List


Great Barrier Reef

From unique natural phenomenons to exhilarating experiences, Australia boasts once-in-a-lifetime epic experiences every true traveler keeps on their list. So here are a few of the Aussie unmissable experiences for the adventurers out there:

Witness the sunset over Uluru: Australia's most iconic natural attraction, Uluru (Ayers Rock) is the sacred mountain of the Aborigines in the area - known as the Anangu - who have decorated it with paintings and engravings over hundreds of years.
Visitors can either climb to the top of the foot rock or take the 3 hour walk around the circumference. However, if you stay for sunset, when the sun begins to set, Uluru glows a magical color red.
Believed to have been formed by the activities of ancestral beings in creation time (or Dreamtime), the beautiful site includes many caves, waterholes, and ancient rock paintings. Uluru is the traditional name for the rock paintings. Uluru is the traditional name for the rock, Ayers Rock is the name give by European explorers.
Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef. As the largest coral eco system on the planet, the Great Barrier Reef has become a Mecca for scuba divers worldwide.The best way to visit these unique natural phenomenon is by submerging yourself into the depths of the waters and getting a closer look at the colorful corals.
Swimming with whale sharks on Western Australia's Coral Coast is an experience that without a doubt will speed up your heart beat. Don't miss the whale shark watching or snorkeling tours to Ningaloo Reef from Exmouth to Coral Bay that run between mid-March and mid-July. These gentle giants of the ocean congregate in the Ningaloo Marine Park every year following the mass spawning of coral. Even though they can grow up to 18 meters in length, they are 100 percent harmless to humans.
If you are in for another thrilling experience, cage diving with great white sharks will give you the adrenaline rush you are looking for. Even though these creatures are nowhere near as harmless as the ones above - on the contrary, they are quite deadly - the cage will make up for it and keep protected at all times while you get your selfie with these lethal creatures that are after your flesh. This epic experience runs from Port Lincoln, South Australia and bookings must be made in advance. The experience includes a full day out at sea.
One of the most scenic drives in the world, the Great Ocean Road is a must when you visit Australia. Hire a car from Melbourne and explore the region of Victoria at your own pace. Discover iconic surf spots like Torquay, walk among cascading waterfalls and towering sandstone bluffs and hike through eucalypt forests to find koalas in their natural environment. For those in search of a thrill, consider the Great Ocean Walk, an eight day walk from Apollo Bay to the Twelve Apostles.
If the sharks weren't enough for you, you can still go crocodile diving in Darwin. Get ready to get terrified by sharing an underwater environment with a 5m+ crocodile. Crocosaurus Cove is Australia's only crocodile dive. You can spend up to 15 minutes in the “Cage of Death” with one of these reptiles.
While you are in the cage, crocodile handlers will feed these creatures will encourage them to move ensuring an up close and personal encounter like no other that you will never forget.


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