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Airline tickets: Plan in advance and visit discount websites to find better deals. If you book your ticket in advance, there is a better chance you will get a cheaper rate. Also, if you travel with discount websites, even though they might charge you for service, they are the best option to combine the cheapest flights available.

Connecting flights: although connecting flights might be a bit of a hassle, they will surely save you a lot of money, and if that is your priority, you can always do your best to cope with the inconvenience. Carry a book with you that can keep you entertained while you wait for your connecting flight.
Travel light: airlines tend to charge you for carry on luggage, so if you only have a hand luggage where you can fit everything, that is great way to save on your way there and when you return.
Book round trip tickets if you can. These tend to be cheaper but make sure they have the choice to change the date later on in case you want to extend your trip or plans change.
Plan your meals: eat before you go out to avoid paying more. Cook for yourself: this can save you a lot of money. Shop at the supermarket and cook at the hostel or wherever you are staying. If you don't have access to a kitchen, you can prepare a sandwich or a salad on the go.
Keep an eye on the currency: consider the exchange rates when you travel. It might be a good way to save if you get a travel card with the currency of the place you are visiting. Every time you exchange money, you have to pay commission, and if you pay with your card, it might charge you commission and give you the lowest rates for your money. Therefore, get some cash in the currency of the destination beforehand and get your travel card.
Try using the local version of the same website as it might be cheaper to book using the local currency. Simply go to the local version of the same website. If your destination is a big city, you might want to consider staying at a town nearby so you can get cheaper accommodation.
Consider couchsurfing so you can save money on accommodation but always make sure you do it from a trusted website and you stay at a host with plenty good references. Take advantage of duty free items where you can get anything tax-free. This is especially advantageous while purchasing alcohol.
Consider visiting other places apart from tourist spots. These might not be the most interesting part of the destination, try to think like a local and avoid tours if you can make it on your own. Sometimes a tour just takes your around a place you could have visited on your own. You only need to do your research, but that is why Internet can be very useful.
Consider the local version of coffee, beer or food as it might be cheaper than international brands you know and that way you get to try something new. Bonus! If you can avoid it, don't travel during high season when all prices rocket. Bid your own price. For instance, with priceline.com, you can name your price on flights, hotels and car rentals.
Discount everything. Go on Groupon, if they have it, and find a voucher for every adventure you are planning.


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