Travel tips for travel folks

Travel tips for travel folks

Sometimes the small details are the ones that make the difference. Consequently, there is a compilation of travel tips that should make your life easier while traveling and will allow you to make the most of your trip.

If you want to save some cash, wash your clothes in the sink/shower, use either soap or a traveler sized bottle of laundry detergent. This trick won't only save you those extra coins for the washing machine but also the hassle of finding a laundromat.

Carry face wipes with you. This will make you feel cleaner when there are no showers or when you are out exploring the whole day.

Always buy your food from grocery stores and have a picnic lunch every day. This will save you great amounts of money you would spend eating out.

Carry a thermos of coffee, that way you can save on expensive coffee out. Also, carry - or on you portable instant coffee. Get it from the hotel and carry it on your bag. It's cheaper to get hot water.

Take a pillow with you in case you have an overnight flight or bus or train trip-. if you have take an overnight trip, you might save on accommodation for a night.

Carry a sleeping bag and/or tent for improvised accommodation. Sleeping on a tent in a camping place might save you money and you might even be able to take a shower there.

Carry snacks - savory and sweet - on you so you don't have to eat out. Also carry a plastic bottle so you can refill water as you travel. Also, you can have sachets to make smoothies and juices on the go and that can substitute one meal.

Always keep a pair of plastic bags for dirty clothes and shoes. Don't even think of putting your smelly socks with the rest of your clothes unless you want them to stink.

Learn how to pack light. This might shock you but you can actually wear the same trousers a few days in a row and it's fine. The less you carry, the easier it will be to move around.

Carry a hard copy map of the city you are going to so you don't have to deplete for phone's battery.

Pack flip flops with you. Showers at the place you are staying might be gross and the flip flops will protect your feet from the bacteria on the floor.

Also pack ear plugs and eye patches so you can sleep anywhere. Get folders so you can keep your travel documents and itineraries organized when you search for them.

Pack some good walking shoes, so you can avoid blisters, and don't even think of walking around the city on walking shoes.

Ask locals for advice and tips to find the best restaurants, beaches, hot spots and things to do and see.